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DVD - Impossible Kids? Possible Answers!

In 1989 FAUS produced a 21-minute videotape called "Impossible Kids?  Possible Answers!"   It was designed as an introduction to the Feingold Program and includes interviews of families on the program, plus footage of Dr. Feingold.
This film has now been converted to a DVD format.  To keep the cost low, the disk comes in a paper envelope, not a plastic jewel case.
Since the filming, a few things have changed:  The children in the film have grown up, the FAUS Foodlist & Shopping Guide is much larger, and there are new studies.  But aside from that, little has changed -- families are still baffled by their child's behavior problems and many are still searching for answers, and finding them in the Feingold Program.

Note: This item can be mailed only to an address in the US.