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Feingold Program (International)

$39.00 US Dollars
  • One year membership in the Feingold Association
  • Access to Members Area of the website
    • There you will find the downloads below and many more. 
    • Give us two business days to register you before you go there and set up your password using your email address.
  • Access to Members-only Facebook Group (from Members Area)
  • Access to Members-only Forum (from Members Area)
  • Pure Facts subscription 10 / year
Books and documents to download
from your Confirmation Email:
  • Feingold Handbook
  • Part One of Why Can't My Child Behave? by Jane Hersey
  • International Foodlist Outline book
  • Welcome Letter
Books and documents to download
from your Members Area of the website:

  • Most recent Pure Facts
  • Other helpful documents as needed

What you need:
  • A PDF reader. If you need a new one, get it free at
  • Add "" to your Contacts List so you can accept email from that address even via bulk email.
NEED HELP?  If you have questions or any problem with the downloads, write to