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Goodie Bag


All Stage One Goodies
·         Clean Butterscotch Candy (GF,CF)
·         Clean Lemon Candy (GF,CF)
·         Coco Polo Sugar Free Chocolate (GF,CF)
·         Enjoy Life Foods Choco Boom Candy Bar (GF,CF)
·         EnviroKidz Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (GF,CF)
·         Equal Exchange Milk Chocolate (GF)
·         Go Naturally Pomegranate Candies (GF,CF)
·         Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn (annatto, GF)
·         Lovely  Tropical Chews (GF,CF)
·         Marich Jelly Beans - Pomegranate & Vanilla (CS,GF,CF)
·         Mary Jane's Peanut Chews (CS,GF)
·         Nature's Bakery Brownies 
·         NECCO Canadian Mints (CS, GF)
·         NECCO Clark Bar (CS, GF)
·         Ocho Candy Bar (GF,CF)
·         Original Gourmet Lemon Lolly (CS,GF,CF)
·         Pearson's Chocolate Mints (CS)
·         Squirrel's Nest Chocolate Valentine Lolly (GF)
·         Thompson Pink Valentine Chocolate (GF)
·         Thompson Silver and Red Valentine Chocolate (GF)
·         Utz Valentine Pretzels 
·         Valentine Conversation Heart Pillow
·         Valentine Erasers
·         Valentine Spinning Top
·         Valentine Yoyo
·         Walnettos (CS)
·         Wellshire Farms Product Coupon 
·         Wholesome TruJoy Chocolate Chews (GF,CF)
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