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Valentine Goodie Bag

$25 Donation + $10 Shipping and Handling


Valentine Goodie Bag Fundraiser - Support FAUS and get safe treats for your kids!


Donation:  $25.00 plus  $10 shipping and handling


 Shipping to US Only

For Canada shipments, contact for additional

shipping costs.


All Stage-One Goodies:

  • Bellows House Brownie
  • Berlin Bakery Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (CF)
  • BoBo’s Chocolate Chip Oat Bites (GF,CF)
  • Clean Candy  (GF,CF)
  • Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Bar (GF,CF)
  • Florida Natural – Angel Mints (CS)
  • Florida Natural - Taffy (CS)
  • Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn (GF)
  • Nana’s Gluten Free Cookies:Ch Chip, Lemon or Snickerdoodle (GF, CF)
  • Lovely  Caramels (GF, CF)
  • Marich Pomegranate & Vanilla Jelly Beans (CS, GF, CF)
  • Ocho Peppermint Candy Bar (GF,CF)
  • Pearson’s Chocolate Mints (CS)
  • Valentine stuffed toy
  • Thompson Chocolate Hearts (GF)
  • Utz Cheddar Snow Balls (GF)
  • Utz Valentine Pretzels (CF)
  • Zolly Pineapple Lolli  (GF,CF)

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