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International Feingold Diet eProgram

Sample Page from International FoodlistSample Page from International Foodlist
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You receive (as PDF eBooks)
Includes 1 year membership in the Feingold Association with password access to

International Membership
Why we have created this and what it includes.
After the publication of Why Your Child is Hyperactive in the mid-1970s, Dr. Feingold traveled around the world, speaking with parents, professionals and the media about how certain foods and/or food additives affect children with behavior and learning problems.
Parents who read his book and found success formed support groups, both in the United States and in some other countries.  We were in contact with these groups and we shared our information.  Perhaps because the food in the United States was so much worse than elsewhere, and so many more children here were on drugs, and perhaps because Dr. Feingold was located here, many local groups formed in the U.S.
Such groups require a lot of volunteer time, making it difficult to maintain them once the initial leaders move or retire.  The American local groups merged to form a national organization but in most other countries the groups did not continue.  Over the years, the additive-laden foods so common in the U.S. have spread around the globe, as has the pressure for parents to put their children on stimulant drugs.  As a result, we frequently hear from families outside the U.S. who ask us for help.
The Feingold Association of the U.S. has created a number of electronic resources that can help a family get established on the Program, and most of them are useful for all families regardless of where they live.
  • Most notably, the Feingold Handbook is designed to guide the new member through understanding and using the Program.
  • In the United States we contact food companies to determine which brand name products are free of the unwanted additives, and this information is distributed through our member newsletter, Pure Facts, and is included in Foodlist books we publish. 
We do not have the resources to research brand name foods outside of North America, but we can help people understand the ways they can identify products that are likely to be acceptable. This is the basis for our new “International Foodlist.”  It is a foodlist outline, with hints and suggestions that appear at the beginning of many sections. Below you can see two pages from the book to give you an idea what is included:

 Page of Foodlist   Page of Foodlist

International members will receive the Handbook, the Foodlist Outline, and Pure Facts, the Feingold newsletter which is delivered 10 times a year by email.    Some of the information in the newsletter is specific to the U.S., and some of it is universal.  The same is true of our two free monthly newsletters, Feingold Family Pages and Feingold eNews.

Also included in membership, is access to the Members' Facebook Group, and the Forum (a Feingold Support Board for members) as well as all the members-only pages on the website.  Like the other materials, some of this information will concern foods available only in the U.S., and some will be of use to families everywhere.