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Renewal with PDF DOCUMENTS

: $49.00

  • One Year Active Membership in the Feingold Association
  • One Year Subscription (10 issues) of Pure Facts - delivered as PDF files to download.
  • Foodlist & Shopping Guide e-Book as a PDF document
    • Includes Mail Order & Supplements.
    • You get this book 4 times a year
    • It is over 400 pages -- it may be less expensive to buy it as a hard copy if you want it printed (see "Related Items" below).  The printed book, however, is only updated in January
  • U.S. Fast Food Restaurant Guide eBook as a PDF document
  • Passwords for Members' Services website including Product Alerts, Product Submission, etc.
  • Support Board/Forum access
  • Search Tool - access to the Products Database which is updated daily
  • Product alerts as needed when products are removed from the Foodlist or changed from one Stage to another.
  • Feingold Members-only Facebook Group
As soon as your membership is verified, an acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you provide in this order form.  It will include the current password for the members area of the website.  If your renewal date has caused you to miss any document delivery, they will be sent withh the acknowledgement.  If you are missing any of the PDF documents:  Handbook, Foodlist, or Fast Food Guide -- please feel free to ask us to send them again.

It may help to put the email address in your contacts list, and/or set your security filters to accept bulk email from us.

Related Items

Foodlist - Paperback: 2016 (WILL BE MAILED MID-OCTOBER
: $28.50
Foodlist  - Paperback: 2016 (WILL BE MAILED MID-OCTOBER
You may add this Paperback Foodlist to the PDF Program, or buy it later, as needed.
: $30.00
Included in Program materials.
Fast Food & Restaurant Guide
: $7.00
Fast Food & Restaurant Guide
Included in Program materials for United States members.... the information in this book is based on Fast Food Restaurant information for the United States.
Why Can't My Child Behave? - Jane Hersey
: $19.00
Why Can't My Child Behave? - Jane Hersey
A great companion to Program materials ... Its almost-400 pages give you practical strategies, helpful advice, and interesting information.
Healthier Food for Busy People
: $8.00
Healthier Food for Busy People
20 little rules to help you navigate the supermarket ... intro to the idea of making good choices .... this is NOT the Program itself.
: $18.50
Feingold Family Favorites!
CD: What Are All Those Funny Things in Food?
: $12.00
CD:  What Are All Those Funny Things in Food?
Listen in your car to an audio CD of a workshop by Jane Hersey
: $3.00
Feingold-on-a-Keychain is a set of 3 key tags with basic Feingold Diet information
Bumper Magnet
: $7.00
Bumper Magnet Bumper Magnet for your car - Let everyone know you mean it.
DVD - Impossible Kids? Possible Answers!
: $7.00
DVD - Impossible Kids? Possible Answers!
21 minute DVD - Introduction to the Feingold Program, and includes interviews of families on the program plus footage of Dr. Feingold.
: Specify amount in Shopping Cart
Help us to reach the families who need our Program, and to provide materials for those who cannot afford it.