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About Us
An organization of families and professionals founded in 1976, The Feingold® Association of the United States is dedicated to helping children and adults apply provendietary techniques for better behavior, learning and health, and to generating public awareness of the potential role of foods and synthetic additives in behavior, learning and health problems. It is a non-profit public charity chartered under section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue tax code.

This dietary management program is for both children and adults.

See the history of how we got here, the biography of Dr. Feingold, and a description of the Feingold Program.

This website is for educational purposes only. Neither a diagnosis nor a prescription is required in order to implement the Feingold Program as a healthy diet choice. This information is not intended, however, to replace competent medical diagnosis.

The Feingold® Association does not endorse, approve or assume responsibility for any product, brand, method or treatment. The presence (or absence) of a product on a Feingold Foodlist, or the discussion of a method or treatment does not constitute approval (or disapproval). The Foodlists are based primarily upon information supplied by manufacturers and are not based upon independent testing.