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Foodlist and Shopping Guide Only with Pure Facts Updates PDF


What you will receive:
·         A 400-page listing of acceptable products without artificial colors, artificial flavors, BHA, BHT, TBHQ and Aspartame.  The guide is broken down into
          Stage One (eliminates high salicylates) and  Stage Two (foods that contain high salicylates).
           Also includes notations for gluten-free, casein-free, benzoates, corn sweeteners, MSG/HVP, nitrates/nitrites, calcium propionate, annatto and natural
·         A one – year subscription to the Feingold Association Feingold Newsletter, which, in addition to interesting articles and valuable information,  will
           keep  the Foodlist updated with new products that have been  added and alerts for products that have been changed or are no longer accepted.
          If you would like to purchase the full Feingold Program, with all the benefits of membership, please go to
If you decide to upgrade to a full membership within sixty (60) days of purchasing the Foodlist and Shopping Guide, contact  
You will be given a credit for purchase price of the Foodlist ($39) and a link to this limited-time offer. This offer is only valid  up to 60 days from original purchase.